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What type of accounts can you manage?

Corporation - LLC - Partnership - Individual - Joint - Trust - Regular IRA - Roth IRA - Rollover IRA - SEP IRA - Simple IRA - UTMA/UGMA - 529

How do you charge fees for your services?

Fees are calculated monthly and taken in arrears directly from the account (for the majority of our clients).

For example: if the balance of your account is $30,000 at the end of March, and if your management fee is 1.8% annually: a fee of $45 will be taken directly from the account the following month.

What are Fidelity's trade commissions?

Trade commissions are $7.95 per trade (up to 1000 shares) for clients that opt for electronic delivery of statements.

In addition, over 90 exchange traded funds (ETFs) are commission free at Fidelity. We use several of these ETFs when appropriate..

What is the average size of the accounts you manage?

Our average account size is close to $180,000.
We manage accounts ranging from several hundred dollars to several million.
There is no minimum account size for our managed accounts.

Besides mechanical trading, what value do you add?

The initial consultation is crucial and perfected by regular reviews of your accounts.

Strategies can be tailored to specific requirements using:

Mutual Funds
Individual Stocks
Stop-loss Protection
Dollar-cost Averaging
Interest Rate Hedging

You already have a Fidelity account

We will send you a Fidelity 'Add Advisor' Form and process it for you.
The following day we can be up and running!

What is the relationship between TimingCube, FPResearch, TradeGuru and MarketTrend Advisors?

MarketTrend Advisors licenses the timing signals and strategies from

MarketTrend Advisors was established in 2004 in response to strong demand from TimingCube subscribers. MTA has been perfecting its strategies ever since.

What makes you different from RoboAdvising?

Once a Robo Advisor sets a portfolio to the client's risk preferences, it remains "passive": it remains invested regardless of the action in the market.

Our model-driven strategies adapt to market conditions, adjusting to market exposure and thereby protecting your portfolio from significant losses.

MarketTrend Advisors is a full-service investment management firm and provides everything that a Robo Advisor does: portfolio allocation and management, trading, automatic deposits/withdrawals to/from the account, etc. In addition you get to speak with a licensed advisor who has your best interests in mind (and a legal responsibility to do so). Our advisors are able to provide financial guidance on life events, college savings, 401K/403B accounts, IRA contributions and a wide variety of other investment topics to help you achieve your goals with peace of mind.

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